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A new virus related to SARS is behind China's mysterious pneumonia outbreak #worldnews


CORONAVIRUSs CHINA.Recently, virus spread is rapid in China.The spread started from Wuhan district.106 people died due to the infection.

Spreading started from sea food market.As a result the government advised to prevent the sea food use and consume.

Currently, no public transport is available in 10 cities.Also,airports and railways closed.


Three cities in India are on high alert.Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkota are on high alert.

2 people out of 6 suspected because they showed some symptoms.Thermal scanning conducted in airports.

Recently,10 arrived people’s samples sent to medical labs.Gladly,the results came negative.The contagious virus can spread rapidly.Dry body conditions can create vulnerable conditions.


Person after infection can suffer acute respiratory syndrome.Diseases more related to respiration.

Above all,Symptoms include sore throat and cough and cold.Headache is considerably noted.


12 Things You Should Do Everyday - Drink Lots Of Water - of water with white background

No treatment or antidote for the corona virus.Once infected conditions can be lethal.But preventive measures can be taken.

Highly advised to wear masks in public places.Highly recommended to drink water.Because dry throat is the best breeding ground for virus.

Therefore,Keep the mouth and throat moist.

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