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Walmart Pork Found To Contain Deadly “SuperBugs” Resistant To Antibiotics - YouTube

What are Superbugs?

Superbugs are the bacteria which have became resistant to antibiotics.


The use of antibiotic had increased so rapidly that it is being used for normal fevers,while it shouldn’t be used.

Therefore, the bacterias are developing resistance and becoming superbugs,in addition, the resistance capability of our immunity is decreasing.

Countries where the use of antibiotics are controlled like Australia,Germany etc,the growth is far more less.

But in countries like India,Greece etc, where the use of antibiotic is rapid the growth of antibiotic growth and rise is rapid.


It is always better to be preventive from any infection so:

  • Follow proper hygiene to prevent any infection or disease
  • Do not use antibiotic for normal fevers
  • Similarly,do not use antibiotic for viral infections
  • Above all, boost your immune system by regular exercise and consume healthy foods.


No symptoms especially for superbug because the infections are always confused with the infection of normal bacteria or pathogens.

Superbugs are diagnosed after prolonged treatment against the bacteria. If no changes then it is a superbug.

Antibiotic resistant superbugs killing thousands: What to know


In India the overuse of antibiotic had caused great increase of the Superbug.The hospitals are the main breeding grounds for the superbug.Consequently,newborns suffer more likely from the Superbugs.

 In addition, poor sanitation also play a role in growth of these bacterias.


Superbugs are the bacteria which have became resistant to antibiotics .

Prevention is better in case of Superbug infection.Superbug infection is difficult to treat.

Reduce antibiotic use .

Doctors should stop encouraging the overuse of antibiotics

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