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Could the black hole at the heart of our galaxy actually be a wormhole?


The wormhole is a tunnel that connects two points in space-time. Leave it all, it can combine two universes. Also it can make time travel possible.


Wormholes were predicted in the theory of general relativity. It was predicted by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen. Consequently it is also known as the Einstein Rosen Bridge.


Their existence is not proven. They are considered imaginary. It can exist in space-time. Apart from this it can also exist in the astral world. Scientists think that it can be engineered in the future.


Wormholes are described as a tunnel connecting two points in space. Space is like a fabric. There may be a flaw in them.

The wormhole simply connect the two distant points and taunt them, reducing the distance.


In the future, if humans are able to find a wormhole, time travel will be possible. In addition, it can help in interstellar travel.

They exist in the 11th dimension, so we can study them a lot. Regarding the date, we know about 4 dimensions.

We can save rocket fuel by reducing travel. In addition, time travel will be possible. Distance will be reduced.

Ascension to new destination will increase.

As a result, the exploration of new galaxies, planets and worlds will be greater. Space travel will become a reality.


The wormhole was featured in films such as Interstellar, Thor and Avengers.


In films, we get a lot of ideas about it.In Avengers and Thor, it was shown how other alien races used it.

The ships coming from them were amazing.

Nevertheless, in distant galaxies, intelligent beings like us would have mastered its creation. Later or we will find them or they will find us.


The wormhole promotes imaginations of space travel. This is really mind blowing. Rather, it is also courageous. But there are many challenges. They are considered unstable.

Foreign matter is required to stabilize them. It can be antimatter which we did not do either. Discover.

If a human body enters a wormhole then it collapses because we are not a foreign matter. The human body is a normal matters.

Every particle of matter had a corresponding particle of #antimatter. When a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter come together they annihilate one another, creating two gamma rays traveling in opposite directions. The amount of energy in the gamma rays can be computed using Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc2. So, What is dark antimatter like?

Physics says, opposite of the normal matters can exist.These are antimatters.There can be space debris in the wormhole which can destroy the space ship.

We only know and interact 3 dimensions.Likewise,our brain will fail to recognise the 11th dimension in them.

These theories are just hypothetical, therefore it may not even exist.

But, Blackhole was fictional, now finally we have photos that prove the existence.So don’t lose hope, Antimatter is gathering in one of the scientific laboratories.

Also, in future we may be able to build one. We can find one. The longer the time, the faster the interstellar journey will be possible.

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