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Lens is a window of eye to the world.Our lens is convex lens.The natural lens of our eye.With a normal vision of 6/6.A new piece of tech.It claims to give 3 times better than 20/20 vision.Similarly,more bright and precise vision.


Many scientific companies claims for the production of Bionic lens.Publicly not released,test procedures still conducted.Current information tell they are wore like simple contact lens.

While some are placed permanently,accompanied by a painless 8 minute surgery.Similarly,it takes effect in 10 seconds.

Cost estimated to be 3200$ excluding surgery.Lifetime enhancement of eyesight is possible through Bionic lens.Secondly,it promises to give vision to disabled population.

It can also give AR(augmented reality)view.Can connect to games.Gaming now at your eyetip.

Sony inc claims development of bioiic lens.With power to detect voluntary and involuntary eye.

Voluntary eye blinks can open slot for gaming and surfing.

Google lens spectacles were developed previously.This is the advanced tech of that.

Dr. Garth Web of Ocumetics Technology Corp has invented a bionic lens that could totally correct vision in eight minutes.


3x better than 20/20 Enhanced vision enables zooming.

Highly beneficial for military in combat operations.

Beneficial for surgeons and physicians.Future without blindness.No issues for transplantation.

No pain in eyes.No strain and stress.

Beneficial for IT sector employees.


Terrorists can spread the terror using this tech.

Privacy issues can rise.Hacking of lens can be possible.

So life can be hacked.

Popularization of this tech can lead to cyborg world.

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Walmart Pork Found To Contain Deadly “SuperBugs” Resistant To Antibiotics - YouTube

What are Superbugs?

Superbugs are the bacteria which have became resistant to antibiotics.


The use of antibiotic had increased so rapidly that it is being used for normal fevers,while it shouldn’t be used.

Therefore, the bacterias are developing resistance and becoming superbugs,in addition, the resistance capability of our immunity is decreasing.

Countries where the use of antibiotics are controlled like Australia,Germany etc,the growth is far more less.

But in countries like India,Greece etc, where the use of antibiotic is rapid the growth of antibiotic growth and rise is rapid.


It is always better to be preventive from any infection so:

  • Follow proper hygiene to prevent any infection or disease
  • Do not use antibiotic for normal fevers
  • Similarly,do not use antibiotic for viral infections
  • Above all, boost your immune system by regular exercise and consume healthy foods.


No symptoms especially for superbug because the infections are always confused with the infection of normal bacteria or pathogens.

Superbugs are diagnosed after prolonged treatment against the bacteria. If no changes then it is a superbug.

Antibiotic resistant superbugs killing thousands: What to know


In India the overuse of antibiotic had caused great increase of the Superbug.The hospitals are the main breeding grounds for the superbug.Consequently,newborns suffer more likely from the Superbugs.

 In addition, poor sanitation also play a role in growth of these bacterias.


Superbugs are the bacteria which have became resistant to antibiotics .

Prevention is better in case of Superbug infection.Superbug infection is difficult to treat.

Reduce antibiotic use .

Doctors should stop encouraging the overuse of antibiotics



A whole new year welcomed by the nature’s fire call!While shrubs are very common for this arid barren region, the year bears witness to one of the worst forests in Australian history.

The fire started from September and it intensified for the last week.Sometimes high temperatures, strong winds, lightning can also cause a wildfire

AUSTRALIAN WILDFIRES, As the bushes dry up,fire spreads to other areas due to the hot weather.

Nearby trees can catch fire and injure habitat animals. But sometimes high temperatures, strong winds., strong lightning can also cause fires in forest.

New south wales had been more affected.More than 1000 homes destroyed.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology a significant rise of heat will experience in the south eastern parts of Australia .The southern side will experience more heat.

The Royal Australian Navy has evacuated over 1000 people. The army is conducting rescue operations. Victoria state is declared the emergency state.

This season has the highest temperature of 40.04 Celsius and is more likely to increase. Australia had several wildfires,but this continues to increase as worse conditions follow.

Scientists had confirmed that rising temperatures and severe drought are one of the reasons for the worst situation here.


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A new virus related to SARS is behind China's mysterious pneumonia outbreak #worldnews


CORONAVIRUSs CHINA.Recently, virus spread is rapid in China.The spread started from Wuhan district.106 people died due to the infection.

Spreading started from sea food market.As a result the government advised to prevent the sea food use and consume.

Currently, no public transport is available in 10 cities.Also,airports and railways closed.


Three cities in India are on high alert.Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkota are on high alert.

2 people out of 6 suspected because they showed some symptoms.Thermal scanning conducted in airports.

Recently,10 arrived people’s samples sent to medical labs.Gladly,the results came negative.The contagious virus can spread rapidly.Dry body conditions can create vulnerable conditions.


Person after infection can suffer acute respiratory syndrome.Diseases more related to respiration.

Above all,Symptoms include sore throat and cough and cold.Headache is considerably noted.


12 Things You Should Do Everyday - Drink Lots Of Water - of water with white background

No treatment or antidote for the corona virus.Once infected conditions can be lethal.But preventive measures can be taken.

Highly advised to wear masks in public places.Highly recommended to drink water.Because dry throat is the best breeding ground for virus.

Therefore,Keep the mouth and throat moist.

What is Biotechnology?|What is in Biotechnology?

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What is Biotechnology?


Biotechnology is a technique for combining many biological organisms and is a derivative for creating new products or variations of living things.

What is Biotechnology?


In 1973 Herbert Boer and Stanley Cohen explored the possibilities of DNA recombinant technology and laid the foundation and development of biotechnology.

What is in Biotechnology?


  • In Agricultural field : GM (genetically modified) crops are produced. It is resistant to pests.Produced rice crops are resistant to water. Ex: Okhara, Bt Cotton and Eggplant
 What is Biotechnology?
  • In Pharmaceutical industries : Insulin is manufactured using bacteria produced using biotech. Insulin was extracted from pigs, caused irritation in humans as a side effect. Currently biotechnological insulin is used from bacteria and produced as a biotech product.Further it increased the production of insulin. Apart from its low cost, it also has no side effects.
What is Biotechnology?
  • In Food industries :Biotech has applications in food industries. By using biotech products such as enzymes, it has improved the quality of food products, and flavor.
 What is Biotechnology?
  • In Medical sector : With the use of certain machinery and biotech, fatal diseases like cancer and AIDS can be diagnosed.
What is Biotechnology?
  • Gene Therapy : In white mouse using tests and applications of biotechnologically contaminated genes, genes can be identified replaced with normal ones. Gene therapy
What is Biotechnology?

is a trend because people nowadays conduct gene therapy to develop new abilities and skills.

So you must have got the answers for what is in biotechnology…

What is Biotechnology?

What is Biotechnology?|SCOPES AND FUTURE

There are two ways to pursue a career in biotechnology:

1)B.E/ in Biotechnology

2)B.Sc in Biotechnology

But both have different ways of working, if after pursuing, an interested person would be working in the industrial sector. Working in R&D wing will be more.

Food industries require holders

Whereas a B.Sc is not sufficient for a satisfactory job. Further, one may pursue M.Sc in Biotech and proceed to PhD. A confusion always arise among the aspirants that what to do after bsc biotechnology. They can go for Msc in biotech. A biotechnologist can do lot more. Further, they can go to industrial, pharmaceutical as well as agricultural field. Finally, one can setup their own biotech firms.

The aspirants after the Masters will be doing more work with the thesis, more theoretical work than applications. After PhD, you can go for both research and teaching. So you got the answers for what to do after bsc biotechnology…


In China it has seen a major growth in biotech industries. The main national body of biotech in the country is the National Biotechnology Development Center of China.

China has the largest pharmaceutical companies after the United States, such as CIPLA, so the need is greater for a country with the largest number of population. Apart from this, the requirement of meat is huge, so stem cell cultivation is creating revolution in biotech China’s meat industry.

Stem Cells

Above all, researches on stem cells are underway in the country. Also, country is getting serious in its efforts to expand the field.

What is Biotechnology?

 biotech industry

As the population in the world is under increasing pressure on agriculture,therefore ,the use of biotech is increasing in countries like India. Biotech companies such as Biocon and Panacea Biotech and Bharat Biotech have very high numbers and these companies are growing and India ranks 12th in the world in development of biotech and third in Asia Pacific.

Above all, European biotech has been a good value for investors. By 2018, the average size of biotech M&A deals in Europe had grown to $ 165 million.

The government funds Biotech pharmaceutical companies in Scotland for new research and ventures. As a result, places like Glasgow are more of biotechnological Institutes as well as biotech companies.

What is Biotechnology? | Top colleges to study biotech

  • Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)
  • Delhi Technological University (DTU)
  • Jawaharlal University (JNU)
  • Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT)
  • Amity University

What is Biotechnology? | Top colleges to study biotech abroad

  • Glasgow University, UK
  • Dukes University, UK
  • Columbia University, USA
  • University Of Aberdeen, UK
  • Warwick University, Uk
  • Heidelberg University, Germany

There are great scopes for this sector. As a result, the jobs are also increasing for research. Therefore, we can see the wonders of this field in coming days…