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What is Quantum mechanics?- Simplified

What is Quantum mechanics

What is Quantum mechanics?-simplified


The branch which deals with the mathematical explanation of certain factors. Foe example – Heisenberg principle, dual nature of particle and wave relation, etc.

It is a fundamental theory in Physics and one of the famous and complicated too.


The theory emerged during the 20th century, at the time when Albert Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity. many scientists contributed for this theory and named in German as ”’Quantenmechanik’ by  Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, and Wolfgang Pauli.

Understanding the Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics was a breakthrough for the physics along with the theory of general relativity. Because, before that only classical physics existed which could only explain things in macro levels like astronomy. Afterwards, physicists noticed that there are some phenomenas in micro levels too.

Therefore, to explain the effects this branch came with Mathematical approach.

Quantum mechanics uses

Used for the explanation of atomic and subatomic particles like electron, proton and neutron.

The theory also influenced some other theories like String and super string theory. This complicated theory is used to explain the working of Universe.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle comes under this, it explained that it is impossible to determine the both velocity and position of an atomic particle.

Quantum mechanics also showed that a particle can also behave as a wave. Also, many weird things explained by this branch.

Quantum Entanglement

What is Quantum mechanics

This is one of the weird nature of particles. It states that two particles connected can influence the state and behaviour of one another no matter how much the distance is.

These spooky quantum connection can be 10000 times faster than the light.

Quantum mechanics on Universe

According to quantum mechanics reality only exists when you are looking at it. Likewise the Universe doesn’t exist when there is no one born to observe it.

This is somewhat weird… Just imagine a Universe without a conscious beings. This state would be shocking. Just a Universe working without a living thing.

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Sleeping trouble insomnia : symptoms, types, causes and treatment

sleeping trouble

Sleeping trouble are common these days mainly influenced by our lifestyle. So examine the cause and remedies change the lifestyle and fight insomnia.

What is Insomnia or sleeping trouble?

It is a sleep disorder which prevents enjoyable and quality sleep. It can lead to anxiety and depression and other problems.

Generally a human needs a sleep ranging from 6-8 hours. A person suffering from insomnia may wake up early, or they can wake between the sleep. It leads to interruption of sleep.

In the current scenario, mostly, people suffer from sleeping trouble. There are many sleeping trouble or disorders. But mostly it is more related to Insomnia.

So, here we present some of the causes and remedies (very easy one) all the way possible.

sleeping trouble

Symptoms of Insomnia

Check if these are the problems of your sleeping trouble…

Waking too much earlier in the morning.

Not falling asleep within half an hour.

Not staying asleep

Getting interrupted between the sleep

Feeling sleepy during daytime

Lack of attention and concentration

Unable to think clearly

Above are earlier symptoms which can lead to :

Mood swings

Tiredness even lethargy


Types of Insomnia

Insomnia is a kind of sleeping trouble with many types.

There can be distinction giving sleeping trouble differently.

Acute insomnia

Caused by life problems like stressful job, receiving bad news, tensions etc. It is mainly a mentally related issue and it can be solved without having treatment. In these conditions it is better to be positive and enjoy life. Yoga and meditation can be helpful for this.

Chronic insomnia

It generally occurs when a person falls asleep or has difficulty staying asleep at least three nights a week for three months or more.

Comorbid insomnia

It occurs with conditions related to mental and medical conditions. Mental conditions like anxiety and depression are found associated. Certain medical conditions can cause insomnia like arthritis or back pain and joint pain which makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Maintaining insomnia People with this insomnia wake up during the night between the sleep and find it difficult to return to sleep. It is generally an interruption to a good sleep

Insomnia sleeping trouble causes

There are many reasons for sleeping trouble to occur :

Going to sleep very late

Not sleeping for at least 6 hours

Having a heavy dinner or going to sleep with empty stomach

Getting stressed and tensed

Sleeping too much like for more than 8 hours it can also cause lethargy

Sleeping during daytime

Too much exposure of smartphones and television


There are remedies for sleeping trouble or insomnia. But I recommend you for a healthy self treatment without any side effects at home by these ways.

reduce sleeping trouble by yoga

Yoga and meditation

Practice yoga and meditation. Atleast perform pranayama it helps to get quality sleep. Pranayama is a good breathing technique and it transports good oxygen levels to whole body. Meditate silently with a good sound. There are many types of  meditation sound apps available to meditate.

For yoga tips for beginner’s step by step click the link –

I am practicing yoga from this channel and I found it easier and helpful.

Normal Exercise

Lack of exercise can cause sleeping trouble. So, do regular exercise for at least 30 minutes. Cardio exercises or aerobics will be more effective.

Good sleep

Sleep for at least 6 hours and maintain a strict time for sleep. Always try to do the same thing every time before you go to sleep like reading a book. Also, try to avoid using smart phones for half an hour before you go to sleep.

Food habits

Food can influence sleeping a good balanced diet can help you to fight sleeping trouble or insomnia.

January can be rather a tricky month for me, when it comes to healthy food goals and maintaining a balanced diet..So, this week, I'm going to reveal more on that all important healthy, balanced diet and how you and I are going to achieve it on my blog!

Avoid drinking drinks with caffeine. Caffeine gives you energy but will snatch your sleep too.

Use poppy seeds in food (not too much), it will help you in getting a good sleep.

Cumin seeds are helpful in inducing sleep. It has been used in Ayurveda for sleeping troubles. Boil a glass of water and add some cumin seed (less than half a spoon) and drink with medium heat.

Eating Banana can also help as it can act as a tranquilizer.

So folks, I would love to hear your views, so comment down and let me know. It helps us to improve ourselves.

Also remember sharing is caring…. Share this to your dear ones….

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SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander


SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

NASA is aiming towards the lunar manned mission. The Artemis program for which the initial missions are going to be conducted. According to new reports, NASA had selected Elon Musk’s SpaceX also, Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and an Albama based firm called Dynetics.

These companies are collectively going to aim towards the biggest leap of colonizing the moon.

The Artemis program

This Artemis program by US space agency NASA aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon surface by 2024.

This will lead to the colonization of moon in future. Therefore, NASA had tied up with other companies for this mission.


NASA had done the deal for worth $967 million. For the three companies – $579 to Blue Origin, $135 to SpaceX and $253 million to Dynetics.

Moon lander designs

According to the reports the three companies have three different designs for the lander. SpaceX had designed the next generation spacecraft Starship which once landed will take the astronauts to the surface through an elevator. In contrast, Blue origin design is an Integrated Lander vehicle(ILV).

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA's manned moon lander
Prototype concept for starship

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

Lander selection

According to NASA, the time period of contract will be up to February 2021. Therefore, after the time period NASA will evaluate and select the suitable lander from the initial demonstration mission.

Also, take a look how the tweets are trending…

All this shows that the space race is going much to an extent…

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