What is Quantum mechanics?- Simplified

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What is Quantum mechanics

What is Quantum mechanics?-simplified


The branch which deals with the mathematical explanation of certain factors. Foe example – Heisenberg principle, dual nature of particle and wave relation, etc.

It is a fundamental theory in Physics and one of the famous and complicated too.


The theory emerged during the 20th century, at the time when Albert Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity. many scientists contributed for this theory and named in German as ”’Quantenmechanik’ by  Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, and Wolfgang Pauli.

Understanding the Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics was a breakthrough for the physics along with the theory of general relativity. Because, before that only classical physics existed which could only explain things in macro levels like astronomy. Afterwards, physicists noticed that there are some phenomenas in micro levels too.

Therefore, to explain the effects this branch came with Mathematical approach.

Quantum mechanics uses

Used for the explanation of atomic and subatomic particles like electron, proton and neutron.

The theory also influenced some other theories like String and super string theory. This complicated theory is used to explain the working of Universe.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle comes under this, it explained that it is impossible to determine the both velocity and position of an atomic particle.

Quantum mechanics also showed that a particle can also behave as a wave. Also, many weird things explained by this branch.

Quantum Entanglement

What is Quantum mechanics

This is one of the weird nature of particles. It states that two particles connected can influence the state and behaviour of one another no matter how much the distance is.

These spooky quantum connection can be 10000 times faster than the light.

Quantum mechanics on Universe

According to quantum mechanics reality only exists when you are looking at it. Likewise the Universe doesn’t exist when there is no one born to observe it.

This is somewhat weird… Just imagine a Universe without a conscious beings. This state would be shocking. Just a Universe working without a living thing.

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