Top facts of new coronavirus china

coronavirus china

Top facts of new coronavirus china

The new coronavirus impact is huge.

Started in Wuhan province of China.It created impact worldwide.

Here are the top facts of new coronavirus china:

Official name of the virus

Official name is assigned to the virus. There are different strains of coronavirus. They may differ in various aspects.Officially the name of the virus is severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 
given according to the act of virus.It severely induced acute respiratory syndrome.

Official name of the disease

There are lot of differences between the disease and virus. Likewise, the name of the disease is COVID-19.Where, CO stands for corona,VI for virus,D for disease and 19 stands for the year 2019 in which the outbreak started.



Still no treatment for the virus found.Various experiments conducted across the world showed no fruitful message till yet.

Early spread

Earlier an outbreak of coronavirus in the Middle east took place .

Therefore, named as MERS(Middle East respiratory syndrome).Believed to spread from camels,still unclear based on reports.

Spread facts of new coronavirus china

The spread started from a live animal market.Therefore,the government banned the transport of live animals.Sea foods strictly discouraged to consume.

live animal market

In contrast the MERS case and SARS case are similar and highlight one query, How the transmission of the virus takes place from animals to humans?


According to the present condition and analysis.The SARS-COV-2 is more contagious.SARS infected patients require more care than MERS one.SARS case is more complicated.


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caution sign indicating heat danger


The hottest place on earth revealed!

Danakil Depression, located in the northeastern corner of Ethiopia, is the hottest place on earth.The temperatures ranges125 degree celsius!

Also called “Gateway to Hell”.

Lava Lake at the Erta Ale Volcano is one of the 4 living lava lakes in the world.

lava lake of erte ale
Lava lake at Erta Ale


The hottest place on Earth revealed! Located at Afar region of Ethiopia.Secondly,it records being the hottest place on Earth.Caused by the divergence of three tectonic plates in the Horn of Africa

Sulfur formation in Afar region

In addition,the geographical factors of interest to tourists are Dallol and Yellow Lake’s hydrological system.


Numerous sulfur springs, volcanoes, geysers, acid pools, colorful mineral rich lakes surround the area, forming a diversity of three tectonic plates.

Volcanic activity heats spring water, bringing sulfur and iron to the surface, meanwhile,leaving yellow, green, and orange deposits.

As a result,the deposits create a different landscape here.The temperature is perishable.Above all,tourists enjoy a lot. This place attracts foreigners to Ethiopia.


No settlements in and around here.People travel here from long distances for sightseeing.

Numerous archaeobacteria are present.It can survive in high temperature,acidic conditions.In addition they are useful for various researches.


 Erta ale

Afar is known as the “Smoking Mountains” and “Gateway to Hell”, the Erta Ale is a active basaltic shield volcano. It is the only active volcano in the world, with lava lakes. lakes around the world.

Erta Ale has two active lava lakes -therefore making it a unique place.

Erta Ale was discovered in 1906. . Also the land around Erta Ale is a huge pool of active magma.

The volcano erupted in 1873, 1903, 1940, 1960, 1967 and 2005, killing hundreds of cattle and forcing thousands to flee.

In 2007 the lava flow once again forced the evacuation and consequently two people died.


Corona Virus

coronavirus mythbusters

Coronavirus is a serious issue of the world.China is suffering a lot.Lot of myths circulated nowadays regarding the disease.

Here we present the coronavirus mythbusters

Chinese packages are not safe

Coronavirus do not survive long in packages or objects.The WHO(World health organization) analyzed and confirmed.Therefore,people in contact with package do not contract the coronavirus.

Coronavirus spread through pets

No evidence present regarding this issue.But practice hygiene.

Frequently wash hands after touching the pets.Get the pets vaccinated.In addition keep the pets clean.

Antibiotics effective for the treatment?

Antibiotics only work for bacteria.Not effective for virus.Antibiotics do not treat viral infections.The new corona virus is a virus.

However,hospitalized persons may receive the antibiotics.Because a bacterial infection chance is there.

Medicines for the coronavirus

Till date no medicines or treatment for the virus.But infected person needs good care and hospitalization.

People die once contracted

Only 2% cases faced deaths because of weak immunity.People with high immunity recover in a short period of time.But great care should be followed.


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Skywatchers from Saudi Arabia and Oman to India and Singapore were treated to a rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse Thursday. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely obscure the Sun, leaving a thin ring of the solar disc visible. While these types of eclipses occur every The post ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Wows Skywatchers Across Asia appeared first on Science Spies.

Ring Of Fire

On December 26th we experienced solar eclipse,above all other solar eclipses we had experienced a different one.


  • Started at 8:04 am and ended at 11:05 pm.
  • The full solar eclipse experienced between 9:24 pm and 11:05 pm.

What’s with the name?

The name given according to the appearance of the solar eclipse.It had a shiny like outer ring.Furthermore inner side being dark and some cloudiness visible within.The name indicates the appearance itself.


  • This solar eclipse the last eclipse of this year.
  • We are witnessing this solar eclipse after 144 years.
  • It will reappear after 559 years!


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Hi! The water bear - the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the micro bug world - raises a smile to the camera


Tardigrades are found everywhere. They are present within 100 meters of a person. They are indestructible. Importantly they are also called moss piglets or water bear.

Initially they are 1 mm in size, their length is 1.5 mm after growth. . They are aquatic invertebrates.


The Tardigrades belong to the kingdom Animalia. It is placed in Tardigrada phylum.

About 1150 species of tardigrades are found. Apart from this they are also known as slow stepperss.


They are one of the immortal creatures. According to scientists, they can also survive an asteroid impact.

They can live in adverse conditions. They can live under high pressure. Also in high temperature and low temperature conditions.

They can live up to 30 years without food. They can also live in and near volcanoes.

Eventually, the ultimate death of the sun can erase them.


In 2008, the European Space Agency (ESA) sent the Tardigrades into space. They managed to avoid cosmic rays and rather harmful UV rays which are 1000 times more powerful than Earth. They can survive to extremes conditions in vacuum. Also they are the first creatures. to do this.In addition, their DNA is used for advanced studies.

A type of protein found in them named Dsup, which protects DNA and cells from extreme conditions and desiccation. This gives rise to further advanced studies and experiments.

This DNA can be induced in humans.

As a result helping to protect humans from harsh conditions. People working in nuclear plants will get benefits to prevent themselves from radiation.


One study found that cells involving a human and a tardigrade cells were able to prevent up to 40% damage by X-rays.

It opens up new ways of treating cancer. People undergoing radiation treatment will have new expectations because prevention will be easier.

Cosmic rays and UV rays therefore it will provide more effective preventive methods for astronauts.


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Immortal animals found in earth


~ jellyfish ~

Organisms related to the phylum Cnidaria. They are found in deep oceans. Actually considered as immortal animal. Above all,they are mostly without brain and blood.

Almost every species is invertebrate. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Immortal animals like Territopsis dohrnii can start a new life cycle and is considered immortal.

Above all Jelly fish contain stem cells that can regenerate or renew cells.


The #planarian #flatworm doing its amazing dividing trick.

Immortal animals.In other words,they are flat worms belonging to the phylum platyhelminths. mostly carnivorous.

The experiment showed that the dissection of a flatworm from either of the two sides would produce two identical worms .

The whole body of two parts takes different ways. Pluripotent stem cells allow this.Here’s the video –


Maine Lobster – Santa Barbara Fish Market

Immortal animals are very lucky, but eaten as seafood. They are truly immortal until fishermen catch them. related to the Phylum arthropoda.

An enzyme telomerase is present. It prevents DNA damage and helps in replication and renewal. .No built in life expectancy. Therefore,the cells are constantly renewed.


Louis Shalako: Hydra.

Considered immortal.These organisms have regenerative potential. They can breed in two ways. In other words sexually and asexually.

Hydra (plural for hydra) who die sexually and those who breed asexually remain immortal.

Also most of them reproduce by the budding which is actually asexual.


One of my favorite creatures. These cute little ones are 1 mm in size. Above all, they can survive harsh temperatures, pressures and radiation. .

In conclusion death of a star can kill Tardigrades. Actually considered immortal animals.

In addition, a protein called Dsup is present in them. It helps in surviving harsh conditions


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Could the black hole at the heart of our galaxy actually be a wormhole?


The wormhole is a tunnel that connects two points in space-time. Leave it all, it can combine two universes. Also it can make time travel possible.


Wormholes were predicted in the theory of general relativity. It was predicted by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen. Consequently it is also known as the Einstein Rosen Bridge.


Their existence is not proven. They are considered imaginary. It can exist in space-time. Apart from this it can also exist in the astral world. Scientists think that it can be engineered in the future.


Wormholes are described as a tunnel connecting two points in space. Space is like a fabric. There may be a flaw in them.

The wormhole simply connect the two distant points and taunt them, reducing the distance.


In the future, if humans are able to find a wormhole, time travel will be possible. In addition, it can help in interstellar travel.

They exist in the 11th dimension, so we can study them a lot. Regarding the date, we know about 4 dimensions.

We can save rocket fuel by reducing travel. In addition, time travel will be possible. Distance will be reduced.

Ascension to new destination will increase.

As a result, the exploration of new galaxies, planets and worlds will be greater. Space travel will become a reality.


The wormhole was featured in films such as Interstellar, Thor and Avengers.


In films, we get a lot of ideas about it.In Avengers and Thor, it was shown how other alien races used it.

The ships coming from them were amazing.

Nevertheless, in distant galaxies, intelligent beings like us would have mastered its creation. Later or we will find them or they will find us.


The wormhole promotes imaginations of space travel. This is really mind blowing. Rather, it is also courageous. But there are many challenges. They are considered unstable.

Foreign matter is required to stabilize them. It can be antimatter which we did not do either. Discover.

If a human body enters a wormhole then it collapses because we are not a foreign matter. The human body is a normal matters.

Every particle of matter had a corresponding particle of #antimatter. When a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter come together they annihilate one another, creating two gamma rays traveling in opposite directions. The amount of energy in the gamma rays can be computed using Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc2. So, What is dark antimatter like?

Physics says, opposite of the normal matters can exist.These are antimatters.There can be space debris in the wormhole which can destroy the space ship.

We only know and interact 3 dimensions.Likewise,our brain will fail to recognise the 11th dimension in them.

These theories are just hypothetical, therefore it may not even exist.

But, Blackhole was fictional, now finally we have photos that prove the existence.So don’t lose hope, Antimatter is gathering in one of the scientific laboratories.

Also, in future we may be able to build one. We can find one. The longer the time, the faster the interstellar journey will be possible.


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Scientists Propose Spaceline Space Elevator to Transport Astronauts from Earth’s Orbit to the Moon Techblog 8/29/19


Ever wondered? Travelling to space with your family?Fantasies?Boarding an elevator that will take you to space.Well,It will be possible in near future.

A Japanese company had started the plans for a space elevator. Therefore,it would be the most expensive infrastructure ever built.

Engineers of Shizuoka University initially proposed the plans.

Space Elevator @Jose Gutierrez Gutierrez Civit  This gives me a good understanding of how a space elevator would look like from a side view from the ground up.


It cost 10000$ to transport a pound.On the other hand,Space elevatorr will reduce the cost to 100 folds.

Rockets are heavier increasing fuel consumption.In contrast,this tech is lighter so fuel consumption will be less.

Obayashi corporation announced that in 40 years the space elevator will function.Secondly,it will carry 30 passengers.It will reach the outerspace within 7.5 days.

There will be only 4 components Tether,Anchor,counterweight and climber.Tether acts like a rope and is a tensile structure.Anchor and counterweight will balance the rope.Anchor will be attached in earth.Counterweight in the space station.Climber is a car.

The astronauts can use this car for traveling up and down the tether.In conclusion, it would acts as a connector between space and earth, transporting directly to space station.


Death By Black Hole / Freefall Astronaut Illustration on Behance

Main problem is tether.It should be light,affordable and more stable.But,no material like this was ever built.

Powering the elevator requires some renewable energy.Because a light weight elevator cannot carry fuel tanks with it.

If elevator fails,no backup plan is there.

Collection of material for building a tether covering a huge distance of 36000 kms.

Rocket debris in space can damage the tether.


Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) Market Research
carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes can serve to make the tether.In addition they are stronger and tough than diamonds!

Using rocket waste debris for the raw material.Experimental tests can take place in Moon.

So no worries, no dangers as there is no gravity.


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Lens is a window of eye to the world.Our lens is convex lens.The natural lens of our eye.With a normal vision of 6/6.A new piece of tech.It claims to give 3 times better than 20/20 vision.Similarly,more bright and precise vision.


Many scientific companies claims for the production of Bionic lens.Publicly not released,test procedures still conducted.Current information tell they are wore like simple contact lens.

While some are placed permanently,accompanied by a painless 8 minute surgery.Similarly,it takes effect in 10 seconds.

Cost estimated to be 3200$ excluding surgery.Lifetime enhancement of eyesight is possible through Bionic lens.Secondly,it promises to give vision to disabled population.

It can also give AR(augmented reality)view.Can connect to games.Gaming now at your eyetip.

Sony inc claims development of bioiic lens.With power to detect voluntary and involuntary eye.

Voluntary eye blinks can open slot for gaming and surfing.

Google lens spectacles were developed previously.This is the advanced tech of that.

Dr. Garth Web of Ocumetics Technology Corp has invented a bionic lens that could totally correct vision in eight minutes.


3x better than 20/20 Enhanced vision enables zooming.

Highly beneficial for military in combat operations.

Beneficial for surgeons and physicians.Future without blindness.No issues for transplantation.

No pain in eyes.No strain and stress.

Beneficial for IT sector employees.


Terrorists can spread the terror using this tech.

Privacy issues can rise.Hacking of lens can be possible.

So life can be hacked.

Popularization of this tech can lead to cyborg world.

Top 10 Best Internet Security Trends in 2019 published in magazine Technology - Web technology is getting advanced every single passing day. Same applies to the threat of security which is also increasing day by day. There was a t... -   -  #Artificialintelligence #Cybersecurity #Hackers #Internetsecurity #trends #onlinemagazine #ideas


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Walmart Pork Found To Contain Deadly “SuperBugs” Resistant To Antibiotics - YouTube

What are Superbugs?

Superbugs are the bacteria which have became resistant to antibiotics.


The use of antibiotic had increased so rapidly that it is being used for normal fevers,while it shouldn’t be used.

Therefore, the bacterias are developing resistance and becoming superbugs,in addition, the resistance capability of our immunity is decreasing.

Countries where the use of antibiotics are controlled like Australia,Germany etc,the growth is far more less.

But in countries like India,Greece etc, where the use of antibiotic is rapid the growth of antibiotic growth and rise is rapid.


It is always better to be preventive from any infection so:

  • Follow proper hygiene to prevent any infection or disease
  • Do not use antibiotic for normal fevers
  • Similarly,do not use antibiotic for viral infections
  • Above all, boost your immune system by regular exercise and consume healthy foods.


No symptoms especially for superbug because the infections are always confused with the infection of normal bacteria or pathogens.

Superbugs are diagnosed after prolonged treatment against the bacteria. If no changes then it is a superbug.

Antibiotic resistant superbugs killing thousands: What to know


In India the overuse of antibiotic had caused great increase of the Superbug.The hospitals are the main breeding grounds for the superbug.Consequently,newborns suffer more likely from the Superbugs.

 In addition, poor sanitation also play a role in growth of these bacterias.


Superbugs are the bacteria which have became resistant to antibiotics .

Prevention is better in case of Superbug infection.Superbug infection is difficult to treat.

Reduce antibiotic use .

Doctors should stop encouraging the overuse of antibiotics