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SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander


SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

NASA is aiming towards the lunar manned mission. The Artemis program for which the initial missions are going to be conducted. According to new reports, NASA had selected Elon Musk’s SpaceX also, Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and an Albama based firm called Dynetics.

These companies are collectively going to aim towards the biggest leap of colonizing the moon.

The Artemis program

This Artemis program by US space agency NASA aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon surface by 2024.

This will lead to the colonization of moon in future. Therefore, NASA had tied up with other companies for this mission.


NASA had done the deal for worth $967 million. For the three companies – $579 to Blue Origin, $135 to SpaceX and $253 million to Dynetics.

Moon lander designs

According to the reports the three companies have three different designs for the lander. SpaceX had designed the next generation spacecraft Starship which once landed will take the astronauts to the surface through an elevator. In contrast, Blue origin design is an Integrated Lander vehicle(ILV).

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA's manned moon lander
Prototype concept for starship

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

Lander selection

According to NASA, the time period of contract will be up to February 2021. Therefore, after the time period NASA will evaluate and select the suitable lander from the initial demonstration mission.

Also, take a look how the tweets are trending…

All this shows that the space race is going much to an extent…

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CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

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CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

CSA (Chinese Space Agency) announced the name of its first Mars mission. The name Mars mission is named as Tianwen – 1.

This day also coincided with the China’s annual space day. Also, the day marked the 50th anniversary of the launch its first satellite Dongfanghong I.

With the launching of this mission it would be a great day for the Chinese. The unmanned mars mission of CSA is expected to be scheduled this year.

The mars mission name comes from the chinese word “Tianwen” which means “questions to Heaven”, a poem written be Qu Yuan a Chinese poet who lived around 338 BC.

CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

The CNSA(Chinese National Space administration) announced that the future missions will be named Tianwen. The country ranks third in terms of space mission.

Till now, the country had failed many attempts in Mars mission. But the country expects that this mission will be a great success. China is in a race with the United States and Russia. With missions like Mars orbiter Mission(MOM) India is also rising to the points table in race.

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NASA – SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!

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NASA - SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!


NASA – SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!

A new mission is going to embark on the American soil. NASA and Space X the two space program organizations are collectively going to launch the first crew manned mission to the International Space station.

As per the NASA reports their astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on SpaceX crew dragon spacecraft. Which is going to lift off through the Falcon 9 rocket.

NASA - SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!
The photo of crew dragon
Source : NASA
NASA – SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!


According to NASA, on May 27th at 4:30 pm EDT, the rocket will take off with the astronauts with a speed of 17000mph.

In about 24 hours the crew dragon will successfully dock with the International Space station.

The two astronauts will be working on board with Expedition 63 the members of the space station.

The members will collectively test the crew dragon also conduct various other research in the space station.

After the conclusion of the mission the crew dragon will undock with the two astronauts and will reenter the Earth. and will land on the Atlantic coast in Florida.

They will be collected by the Space x Go Navigator vessel and will be returned to Cape Canaveral.

The duration of the mission not announced till now. According to NASA, it will be announced afterwards.

Being estimated that the crew dragon has the capability to stay in the orbit upto 110 days.

Further Missions

There are many objectives to this space mission. NASA is the national space research body in America and the SpaceX, the private space research body.

Space X founded by Elon Musk with aims to colonize Mars and to start space travel program. The mission is a test for these requirements.

NASA has a future mission called the Artemis to colonize the lunar surface on 2024. Which will send the man and the first woman on the moon.

So guys, what do you think about the future? The craze for space mission is going to change the shape of human civilization….

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NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

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NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

Imagine, how vast the space is, there are more planets to discover. The common questions that we ask ourselves is that “are we alone?” These are the questions that leave us perplexed.

In the way to prove this query, the United States national space agency NASA found an exoplanet with the size of Earth. With the features of a planet which can host life it gives us hope as a “second Earth”. According to the reports by NASA, the possible planet called “Kepler-1649c” was discovered by going through the old observations of the Kepler telescope data. NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life .

NASA finds Earth size planet likely - support life
A comparison of Earth and Kepler-1649c
Credits: NASA/Ames Research Center/Daniel Rutter

Kepler-1649c features

  • The exoplanet is located 300 light years from Earth.
  • In contrast, the planet is 1.06 times larger than Earth.
  • Also, the temperature is same as that of Earth.
  • The planet receives 75% of light which is very likely suitable to host a life.
  • It was discovered by going through the data of old Kepler telescope by NASA.
  • The position of the planet is in a habitable zone that is neither too far or nearer to the star.
  • But the planet revolves a red dwarf star which is unlikely to support the life.

The data from this exoplanet shows the potential of the planet. According to the NASA, these reports shows the extra potential of the planet to host life than the previously discovered one.

Previously, scientists discovered another planet through Hubble space telescope. It had the potential to have water in a liquid state. Reports like these gives scientists new hope in search of life on another planet.

But the studies are not over, there are lot to discover for them also to study about the Kepler 1649c surface also the environment.

So folks, what are your thoughts regarding this? Comment and let me know!

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  • Officially known as Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).
  • The mobile brand Xiaomi claimed that in the new Redmi note 9 series, it will use the NAVIC GPS.
  • Qualcomm revealed the snapdragon 720G, snapdragon 662 and snapdragon 460 chips will support the NAVIC.


GPS abbreviation is Global Positioning System, used mainly for tracking and navigation. Indians used mainly GPS signals from the following countries. Now proudly Indians can use their own GPS.

Till date only 5 countries have their own GPS.

Countries with own GPS :

  • U S A – Navigational star or Navigational System Tracking And Range (NAVSTAR)
  • Russia – GLONASS – with 24 working satellites
  • European Union – Galileo
  • Japan – QZSS
  • China – Bei Dou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)

Above all, India is making history with the new GPS the NAVIC.

What is NAVIC?


Officially known as Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).

To clarify, it can provide navigation and positioning services accurately in India. Also upto 1500 kms across the borders. Therefore , neighbouring countries can use this service.


PSLV launch
PSLV C27 launch containing IRNSS 1D
Courtesy : ISRO

NAVIC satellites use dual frequency bands. As a result, more accurate than GPS which uses single band and makes errors mainly signal problems.

Totally consists of 9 satellites of which

7 satellites are combination of geosynchronous and geostationary orbit.

2 satellites are ground satellites.

Indian GPS officially called IRNSS or navigation with Indian constellation

Can we use NAVIC GPS?

The NAVIC will provide two sevices :

For civilians : standard positioning service

For military : restricted service mostly encrypted one.

Now for civilians the next Android devices can use the NAVIC GPS.

xiaomi logo

The mobile brand Xiaomi claimed that in the new Redmi note 9 series, it will use the NAVIC GPS.

Qualcomm snapdragon

Also Qualcomm revealed the snapdragon 720G, snapdragon 662 and snapdragon 460 chips will support the NAVIC.

NAVIC vs GPS which will win? click here

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

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Get Ready For A ‘Wolf Moon Eclipse’ To Kick-Off ‘Year of the Rat’ As Earth Gets Closest To The Sun

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

Yes the information is correct.Earth has got a new moon.It had been circling around Earth for about 3 years.

With a size of a car,it had been circling round the earth!This celestial body also called commonly as minimoon,named 2020 CD3.

Researchers at the Catalina sky survey. Kacper Wierzchos and Teddy Pruyne observed this celestial body on February 15.

Above all,scientists are tweeting about it.

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

According to Nasa.

Asteroids in space gets attracted near Earth.

Because of gravitational pull the body gets sucked near Earth.

Consequently, it started orbiting.

Therefore,this moon is Earth’s second mini moon.

The Minor planet center is the organization concerned with collecting observational datas of minor planets.It’s parent organization International Astronomical Union.

secondly, the Minor Planet centre announced that Earth has a second moon

In contrast,the last mini moon 2006 RH 120 stayed in Earth”s orbit from 2006-2007.

Using a 1.52 metre telescope at Mount Lemmon Observatory,Tuscon the scientists discovered the minimoon.


Oxygen found outside Milky Way galaxy!

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Oxygen found outside Milky Way galaxy!

Oxygen a good indicator of life required in day to day life for survival.All organisms breathe oxygen for metabolic processes.

In short for the production of energy oxygen greatly requires.

Recently,scientists discovered oxygen outside the milky way galaxy.It can lead to the fact that life exists there outside.

Oxygen was analyzed in Markarian 231 galaxy.

Using the long range light waves scientists came to the view that the galaxy contains 100 times more oxygen than the Milky Way.

It sounds interesting as the Milky Way galaxy which hosts us lack oxygen than the Markarian. Therefore a new possibility of presence of life strikes here.

Oxygen found outside Milky Way galaxy!

Maybe like us the life is evolving there.

Shockingly but sadly the distance to the new galaxy is around 581 million light years!

The credibility of the discovery goes to the astronomers at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,headed by Junzhi Wang.

In this technology the light beam transmitted to a galaxy strikes there .

IRAM telescope
Iram telescope

Every gas absorbs light differently.

This technology used still in space missions.

The readings took place at two different locations.One at the IRAM telescope in Spain.Other reading by the Northern Extended Millimeter Array telescope in French alps.

These readings can help in further readings and experiments.New areas of research regarding this can pave way.


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Skywatchers from Saudi Arabia and Oman to India and Singapore were treated to a rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse Thursday. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely obscure the Sun, leaving a thin ring of the solar disc visible. While these types of eclipses occur every The post ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Wows Skywatchers Across Asia appeared first on Science Spies.

Ring Of Fire

On December 26th we experienced solar eclipse,above all other solar eclipses we had experienced a different one.


  • Started at 8:04 am and ended at 11:05 pm.
  • The full solar eclipse experienced between 9:24 pm and 11:05 pm.

What’s with the name?

The name given according to the appearance of the solar eclipse.It had a shiny like outer ring.Furthermore inner side being dark and some cloudiness visible within.The name indicates the appearance itself.


  • This solar eclipse the last eclipse of this year.
  • We are witnessing this solar eclipse after 144 years.
  • It will reappear after 559 years!


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Could the black hole at the heart of our galaxy actually be a wormhole?


The wormhole is a tunnel that connects two points in space-time. Leave it all, it can combine two universes. Also it can make time travel possible.


Wormholes were predicted in the theory of general relativity. It was predicted by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen. Consequently it is also known as the Einstein Rosen Bridge.


Their existence is not proven. They are considered imaginary. It can exist in space-time. Apart from this it can also exist in the astral world. Scientists think that it can be engineered in the future.


Wormholes are described as a tunnel connecting two points in space. Space is like a fabric. There may be a flaw in them.

The wormhole simply connect the two distant points and taunt them, reducing the distance.


In the future, if humans are able to find a wormhole, time travel will be possible. In addition, it can help in interstellar travel.

They exist in the 11th dimension, so we can study them a lot. Regarding the date, we know about 4 dimensions.

We can save rocket fuel by reducing travel. In addition, time travel will be possible. Distance will be reduced.

Ascension to new destination will increase.

As a result, the exploration of new galaxies, planets and worlds will be greater. Space travel will become a reality.


The wormhole was featured in films such as Interstellar, Thor and Avengers.


In films, we get a lot of ideas about it.In Avengers and Thor, it was shown how other alien races used it.

The ships coming from them were amazing.

Nevertheless, in distant galaxies, intelligent beings like us would have mastered its creation. Later or we will find them or they will find us.


The wormhole promotes imaginations of space travel. This is really mind blowing. Rather, it is also courageous. But there are many challenges. They are considered unstable.

Foreign matter is required to stabilize them. It can be antimatter which we did not do either. Discover.

If a human body enters a wormhole then it collapses because we are not a foreign matter. The human body is a normal matters.

Every particle of matter had a corresponding particle of #antimatter. When a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter come together they annihilate one another, creating two gamma rays traveling in opposite directions. The amount of energy in the gamma rays can be computed using Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc2. So, What is dark antimatter like?

Physics says, opposite of the normal matters can exist.These are antimatters.There can be space debris in the wormhole which can destroy the space ship.

We only know and interact 3 dimensions.Likewise,our brain will fail to recognise the 11th dimension in them.

These theories are just hypothetical, therefore it may not even exist.

But, Blackhole was fictional, now finally we have photos that prove the existence.So don’t lose hope, Antimatter is gathering in one of the scientific laboratories.

Also, in future we may be able to build one. We can find one. The longer the time, the faster the interstellar journey will be possible.