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Nanotechnology used in medicine

By Ankita Chouhan Bsc (GEN)

Nanotechnology is a revolutionary technology to treat various medical diseases. Father of nanotechnology is Richard Feynman. It acts like a miracle for treating chronic diseases such as cancer and AIDS. It focuses on production of cheap medicines, reduce side effects of medicines, treat chronic diseases and manufacture to reduce pain and bleeding during surgery. It works on the principle of targeted drug delivery as a drug that directly injected into the effective cells as large amount of drugs affects the healthy cells.

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)are very thin cylindrical tubes which can penetrate through the cell membrane and provide drugs to the affected cell. Nano sensor chips are also used to detect early stage of Cancer as it possess thousands of CNTs in it. Other than chips, gold nanoparticles are also used to detect cancerous cells. Doxil, cornel dots (C-dots), abraxane etc are some examples of commercially used drugs containing nanoparticles.

In case to treat AIDS we use HAART (High activity antiviral therapy). As we are aware HIV is not curable but through HAART therapy replication of HIV can be inhibited which in turn leads to a life long treatment. HAART therapy was founded in 1996 which involves a combination of three antiretroviral (ARV) which includes integration inhibitors which prevents the HIV inserting is genetic code into the DNA of the infected cell.

Nanotechnology also plays an important role in bone implantation or replacement surgery. Artificial bones made up nanoparticles are much lighter and stronger than standard artificial bones used in the surgery. With the help of nanotech tools such as Arthroscope are also developed which consists of numerous Nano cameras and Nano lights which help in less time consuming and incision free surgery.

What is Quantum mechanics?- Simplified

What is Quantum mechanics

What is Quantum mechanics?-simplified


The branch which deals with the mathematical explanation of certain factors. Foe example – Heisenberg principle, dual nature of particle and wave relation, etc.

It is a fundamental theory in Physics and one of the famous and complicated too.


The theory emerged during the 20th century, at the time when Albert Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity. many scientists contributed for this theory and named in German as ”’Quantenmechanik’ by  Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, and Wolfgang Pauli.

Understanding the Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics was a breakthrough for the physics along with the theory of general relativity. Because, before that only classical physics existed which could only explain things in macro levels like astronomy. Afterwards, physicists noticed that there are some phenomenas in micro levels too.

Therefore, to explain the effects this branch came with Mathematical approach.

Quantum mechanics uses

Used for the explanation of atomic and subatomic particles like electron, proton and neutron.

The theory also influenced some other theories like String and super string theory. This complicated theory is used to explain the working of Universe.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle comes under this, it explained that it is impossible to determine the both velocity and position of an atomic particle.

Quantum mechanics also showed that a particle can also behave as a wave. Also, many weird things explained by this branch.

Quantum Entanglement

What is Quantum mechanics

This is one of the weird nature of particles. It states that two particles connected can influence the state and behaviour of one another no matter how much the distance is.

These spooky quantum connection can be 10000 times faster than the light.

Quantum mechanics on Universe

According to quantum mechanics reality only exists when you are looking at it. Likewise the Universe doesn’t exist when there is no one born to observe it.

This is somewhat weird… Just imagine a Universe without a conscious beings. This state would be shocking. Just a Universe working without a living thing.

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NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs.


You have got a chance to prove yourself to unleash the scientist in you! You just need to design a better payload for a lunar rover with the size of a bar soap!

Yes! You heard it right! On Thursday NASA issued ideas for a miniaturized payload to send the miniaturized rovers to the lunar surface. The program called the “Honey, I Shrunk the NASA payload challenge” through a platform called HeroX.

According to the details, the challenge is to design a payload for a lunar rover with a size of a bar soap. Also, there are more challenges that awaits with testing prototyping and creation. For the first round that is the design round, a reward of total $160,000 prize money is announced. Also, note the point that it will accept all submissions till June 1st.

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs
NASA have plans for the future missions

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs

Advantages of small size rover

  • Small size rovers are not so complicated.
  • Small size rovers have lower probability of damage.
  • It can be built at cheaper rates.
  • Small size rovers can be used as a starter prior to a mission as a method of testing.
  • Small size rovers will cut high energy consumption.
  • As a rover is primarily used for probing, then small size rover has the capacity to do so.


These rovers will help in collecting information about the lunar surface, also it’s environment. These information will be quite useful for future lunar missions. In 2022, NASA is planning for an Artemis program.

So, what are your thoughts regarding the payload? Will you take part in the challenge? I want my readers to be the champion! So go for it!

Also don’t forget to comment your views!

Super pink moon lights the sky amid COVID-19

Super pink moon lights the sky amid COVID-19

Super pink moon lights the sky amid COVID-19,

The Super pink moon lighted up the night sky across the world. Amid the COVID-19 which made the world to come to sandstill, the supermoon provided a magnificent view and hope to the entire world.

What is a Supermoon?

Super Pink Moon lights the sky amid COVID-19

As the name suggests, supermoon is not that kind of super big thing. It happens when a full moon comes nearer to the Earth. Also, they appear 10-15 per cent brighter.

Super pink moon lights the sky amid COVID-19

What’s with the name?

Super Pink Moon lights the sky amid COVID-19
This beautiful flower you are seeing is the Phlox flower from which the Supermoon get its name.

The name Super pink moon is adapted because these supermoon appear during the spring season. Mostly in North American regions certain flowers which are pink colored blooms. Therefore, with the reference to it traditionally the name for the moon came into being.

The above picture shows the flower Flox from which the name of the supermoon came.


The super pink moon was visible from April 7 in the evening to April 8 in the morning.

Full Supermoons of 2020

  • The first supermoon was on March 9 with distance of 357,404 km.
  • The second supermoon the current one on April 7 – 8 with distance of 357,035 km.
  • The coming one is on May 7.

Missed the supermoon?

Missed the Super Pink Moon? No need to worry. Here is another chance : the coming month of May on 7 th the world will witness the new supermoon. So, get ready!

So, guys what are your views on the Super Pink Moon? Had anyone watched it or missed it. Comment your views and let me know!

World Health Day 2020

World Health Day 2020

World Health Day 2020, 7th April marks the World Health Day. As you all know the global pandemic Covid19 had brought us sandstill and the world is suffering with economic drawbacks. Also, it is affecting everyone regardless.

Health is necessary and important. It is mentioned that “Health is wealth”. Therefore, it is our duty to take care of our own health and also others’.

Remembering the human struggles in the way of our development we bring you the most updates and facts about the World Health Day 2020!

What is World Health Day?

World Health Day is a day to spread the awareness of health globally. It is celebrated on April 7th every year under World Health Organization and other allies.

From 1950 onwards the World Health Organization started observing this day.

Why World Health Day celebrated?

The main motive of the World Health Day is to promote healthy living among the people. To free the world from diseases and to unitedly fight against diseases like AIDS.

Therefore, this day serves to promote the healthy living of life.

World Health Day 2020 facts:

  • Started as a result of world health assembly organized by WHO in Geneva in 1948.
  • Started celebrating officially as World Health Day in the year 1950.
  • Celebrated every year on April 7 worldwide.
  • The tagline for the World Health Day 2020 is : support nurses and midwives.

What is WHO?

World Health Day 2020

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health situated in Geneva, Switzerland.

We all know the world is suffering from the pandemic. Everyone is in a lockdown state.

In this World Health Day we can pledge to:

Fight against the coronavirus and other diseases.

Respect the medical staffs.

Keep ourselves healthy and practice social distancing for the time being in this pandemic.

So, what are your views on the World Health Day? We want to listen from you. Gladly comment down and let us know!

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New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China


When the whole world is going lockdown because of coronavirus, a new type of virus called Hantavirus took life of a Chinese man. According to reports, the man was travelling to Shangdong province and in the way, he died due to the virus.

The hashtag #Hantavirus is trending on twitter and it created panic around the world. People are under the impression that like the coronavirus this virus is going to create havoc in the world.

Well no need to panic, we are here to present the facts about the Hantavirus.

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

Hantavirus facts

  • Hantavirus is not a communicable virus. Also, it is not airborne.
  • It is not transmitted from human to human. Transmitted from rodents.
  • Transmitted from saliva and fecal particles of the rodents.
  • The hantavirus pulmonary syndrome(HPS) caused by hantavirus once infested in New York.
  • South America witness these cases commonly.
  • The virus was first discovered in Korea near Hantan river. Therefore, name was given accordingly.
New hantavirus claims death of a man in China
Hantavirus is transmitted by rats or rodents

Hantavirus symptoms

The disease associated with the Hantavirus is HPS (Hantavirus pulmonary disease). The symptoms mainly are:

  • High fever accompanied with chills, body aches and headaches.
  • Dry cough can occur repeatedly.
  • Breathing difficulty can occur.
  • Nausea, vomiting can also occur with the disease.
  • Stomach pain is also accompanied.


  • Maintain hygiene strictly.
  • Keep house neat and clean.
  • Do not come with contact of rodents.

These are the preventive measures. If the symptoms occur one should rush to doctor or else the situation will worsen.

There is no need to worry as the disease is common and there is a cure for it. But it is better to stick to the norms “prevention is better than cure”.

What you think about the Hantavirus? Please comment down and let me know.




  • Researchers of University of Texas and National Institute of Health successfully created the first 3D map of the novel coronavirus.
  • Created within 27 days
  • Obtained viral genome sequence in 15 days
  • Constructed 3D map of the novel coronavirus in 12 days



Researchers of University of Texas, Austin and National Institute of Health, U S successfully created the first 3D map of the novel coronavirus.

The three dimensional atomic scale map will help majorly in developing vaccines. Also antiviral drugs to resist the viral attacks.

In a due course of 15 days the scientists obtained the viral genomic sequence of the nove coronavirus.

In further 12 days the team reconstructed the 3D map of novel coronavirus.

What is 3D mapping?

 3D mapping of brain
This is the 3D mapping of brain used to study in further advancements

3D mapping is the modern technique which is a part of Augmented Reality(AR).

The objects are designed and projected using a projector, mainly used in displaying architectural aspects, designs.

Used in theatres mainly in entertainment. Above all, used in biological aspects to display the human body anatomically for case studies. Also in Genome sequencing.

In addition, using 3D mapping we can recreate or construct anything. Therefore it is required and emerging in all the fields. This piece of technology can prove it’s excellence in coming days.

Use of the 3D map of novel coronavirus


The map of the viral protein structure of novel coronavirus revealed the difference of the behavious patterns of it’s strains.

Therefore, It helped in comparison of novel coronavirus with MERS and SARS. Consequently, it showed how this virus spreads faster. In contrast , between the other two.

Expected to help in creating the first vaccine. Furthermore, it can help in studying the viral effects.

Also, it can help in preparation from another outbreak.

15 years ago the human genome was sequenced. Likewise, the sequencing and 3D mapping can help to know more about the microworld.

What can you expect from 3D mapping technology? Comment and let me know!

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Top facts of new coronavirus china

coronavirus china

Top facts of new coronavirus china

The new coronavirus impact is huge.

Started in Wuhan province of China.It created impact worldwide.

Here are the top facts of new coronavirus china:

Official name of the virus

Official name is assigned to the virus. There are different strains of coronavirus. They may differ in various aspects.Officially the name of the virus is severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 
given according to the act of virus.It severely induced acute respiratory syndrome.

Official name of the disease

There are lot of differences between the disease and virus. Likewise, the name of the disease is COVID-19.Where, CO stands for corona,VI for virus,D for disease and 19 stands for the year 2019 in which the outbreak started.



Still no treatment for the virus found.Various experiments conducted across the world showed no fruitful message till yet.

Early spread

Earlier an outbreak of coronavirus in the Middle east took place .

Therefore, named as MERS(Middle East respiratory syndrome).Believed to spread from camels,still unclear based on reports.

Spread facts of new coronavirus china

The spread started from a live animal market.Therefore,the government banned the transport of live animals.Sea foods strictly discouraged to consume.

live animal market

In contrast the MERS case and SARS case are similar and highlight one query, How the transmission of the virus takes place from animals to humans?


According to the present condition and analysis.The SARS-COV-2 is more contagious.SARS infected patients require more care than MERS one.SARS case is more complicated.


Corona Virus

coronavirus mythbusters

Coronavirus is a serious issue of the world.China is suffering a lot.Lot of myths circulated nowadays regarding the disease.

Here we present the coronavirus mythbusters

Chinese packages are not safe

Coronavirus do not survive long in packages or objects.The WHO(World health organization) analyzed and confirmed.Therefore,people in contact with package do not contract the coronavirus.

Coronavirus spread through pets

No evidence present regarding this issue.But practice hygiene.

Frequently wash hands after touching the pets.Get the pets vaccinated.In addition keep the pets clean.

Antibiotics effective for the treatment?

Antibiotics only work for bacteria.Not effective for virus.Antibiotics do not treat viral infections.The new corona virus is a virus.

However,hospitalized persons may receive the antibiotics.Because a bacterial infection chance is there.

Medicines for the coronavirus

Till date no medicines or treatment for the virus.But infected person needs good care and hospitalization.

People die once contracted

Only 2% cases faced deaths because of weak immunity.People with high immunity recover in a short period of time.But great care should be followed.