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Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

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Get Ready For A ‘Wolf Moon Eclipse’ To Kick-Off ‘Year of the Rat’ As Earth Gets Closest To The Sun

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

Yes the information is correct.Earth has got a new moon.It had been circling around Earth for about 3 years.

With a size of a car,it had been circling round the earth!This celestial body also called commonly as minimoon,named 2020 CD3.

Researchers at the Catalina sky survey. Kacper Wierzchos and Teddy Pruyne observed this celestial body on February 15.

Above all,scientists are tweeting about it.

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

According to Nasa.

Asteroids in space gets attracted near Earth.

Because of gravitational pull the body gets sucked near Earth.

Consequently, it started orbiting.

Therefore,this moon is Earth’s second mini moon.

The Minor planet center is the organization concerned with collecting observational datas of minor planets.It’s parent organization International Astronomical Union.

secondly, the Minor Planet centre announced that Earth has a second moon

In contrast,the last mini moon 2006 RH 120 stayed in Earth”s orbit from 2006-2007.

Using a 1.52 metre telescope at Mount Lemmon Observatory,Tuscon the scientists discovered the minimoon.