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The new BMW going more than black

The new BMW going more than black

The whole new BMW going more than black

The new BMW going more than black


The new BMW X6 has released a new revolution. The bmw car is going more blacker than black. So, what’s with the new feature? Let’s take a look!

Black cars are more common. Black suits in everything whether if it is appliances, gadgets and automobiles. The most important feature of the BMW X6 car is that it is spray painted using vantablack. A pigment known as “‘blacker than black”.

The British artist Anish Kapoor has the rights to paint the vantablack.

The new BMW going more than black


The whole new BMW going more than black

Scientifically vantablack had got more features and views. It is going to be one of the future technology in Architectures, automobiles, maybe even in gadgets!

  • Vantablack known as the world’s blackest black pigment.
  • It can absorb 99% of light.
  • So reflection not possible in any way.
  • Because of total light absorption the blackest black colour perceived to human eye.
  • So it can be perceived like two dimenionally as reflection is lacking as interpreted by brain.
  • Still a little 1% of reflectance is enabled still making it the blackest car ever.
  • The German car BMW became the first car to implement it.

Vantablack features

Vantablack a material developed by Surrey Nanosystems can absorb 99.9% visible light.

It works by trapping the light in between the nanotubes in the paint. Just one square centimeter paint can contain one billion nanotubes making trapping easier. Introduced by the British artist Anish Kapoor.

Only limited edition of 50 vantablacks are available costing each a whooping 75000 $ !

Purchase option is not available but one can get the vantablack done directly by the company.

Vantablacked objects

Till now, many objects are vantablacked ranging from basketball to sculptures.

vantablacked basketball appears 2D as the visible light is all absorbed
vantablack objects

The blackest spray painting! Driving brain more crazy

So, What do you think about the vantablack? Comment and let me know!

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