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CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

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CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

CSA (Chinese Space Agency) announced the name of its first Mars mission. The name Mars mission is named as Tianwen – 1.

This day also coincided with the China’s annual space day. Also, the day marked the 50th anniversary of the launch its first satellite Dongfanghong I.

With the launching of this mission it would be a great day for the Chinese. The unmanned mars mission of CSA is expected to be scheduled this year.

The mars mission name comes from the chinese word “Tianwen” which means “questions to Heaven”, a poem written be Qu Yuan a Chinese poet who lived around 338 BC.

CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

The CNSA(Chinese National Space administration) announced that the future missions will be named Tianwen. The country ranks third in terms of space mission.

Till now, the country had failed many attempts in Mars mission. But the country expects that this mission will be a great success. China is in a race with the United States and Russia. With missions like Mars orbiter Mission(MOM) India is also rising to the points table in race.

So, folks what you think about the space race? Just comment down your views!

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New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China


When the whole world is going lockdown because of coronavirus, a new type of virus called Hantavirus took life of a Chinese man. According to reports, the man was travelling to Shangdong province and in the way, he died due to the virus.

The hashtag #Hantavirus is trending on twitter and it created panic around the world. People are under the impression that like the coronavirus this virus is going to create havoc in the world.

Well no need to panic, we are here to present the facts about the Hantavirus.

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

New hantavirus claims death of a man in China

Hantavirus facts

  • Hantavirus is not a communicable virus. Also, it is not airborne.
  • It is not transmitted from human to human. Transmitted from rodents.
  • Transmitted from saliva and fecal particles of the rodents.
  • The hantavirus pulmonary syndrome(HPS) caused by hantavirus once infested in New York.
  • South America witness these cases commonly.
  • The virus was first discovered in Korea near Hantan river. Therefore, name was given accordingly.
New hantavirus claims death of a man in China
Hantavirus is transmitted by rats or rodents

Hantavirus symptoms

The disease associated with the Hantavirus is HPS (Hantavirus pulmonary disease). The symptoms mainly are:

  • High fever accompanied with chills, body aches and headaches.
  • Dry cough can occur repeatedly.
  • Breathing difficulty can occur.
  • Nausea, vomiting can also occur with the disease.
  • Stomach pain is also accompanied.


  • Maintain hygiene strictly.
  • Keep house neat and clean.
  • Do not come with contact of rodents.

These are the preventive measures. If the symptoms occur one should rush to doctor or else the situation will worsen.

There is no need to worry as the disease is common and there is a cure for it. But it is better to stick to the norms “prevention is better than cure”.

What you think about the Hantavirus? Please comment down and let me know.


Corona Virus

coronavirus mythbusters

Coronavirus is a serious issue of the world.China is suffering a lot.Lot of myths circulated nowadays regarding the disease.

Here we present the coronavirus mythbusters

Chinese packages are not safe

Coronavirus do not survive long in packages or objects.The WHO(World health organization) analyzed and confirmed.Therefore,people in contact with package do not contract the coronavirus.

Coronavirus spread through pets

No evidence present regarding this issue.But practice hygiene.

Frequently wash hands after touching the pets.Get the pets vaccinated.In addition keep the pets clean.

Antibiotics effective for the treatment?

Antibiotics only work for bacteria.Not effective for virus.Antibiotics do not treat viral infections.The new corona virus is a virus.

However,hospitalized persons may receive the antibiotics.Because a bacterial infection chance is there.

Medicines for the coronavirus

Till date no medicines or treatment for the virus.But infected person needs good care and hospitalization.

People die once contracted

Only 2% cases faced deaths because of weak immunity.People with high immunity recover in a short period of time.But great care should be followed.


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A new virus related to SARS is behind China's mysterious pneumonia outbreak #worldnews


CORONAVIRUSs CHINA.Recently, virus spread is rapid in China.The spread started from Wuhan district.106 people died due to the infection.

Spreading started from sea food market.As a result the government advised to prevent the sea food use and consume.

Currently, no public transport is available in 10 cities.Also,airports and railways closed.


Three cities in India are on high alert.Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkota are on high alert.

2 people out of 6 suspected because they showed some symptoms.Thermal scanning conducted in airports.

Recently,10 arrived people’s samples sent to medical labs.Gladly,the results came negative.The contagious virus can spread rapidly.Dry body conditions can create vulnerable conditions.


Person after infection can suffer acute respiratory syndrome.Diseases more related to respiration.

Above all,Symptoms include sore throat and cough and cold.Headache is considerably noted.


12 Things You Should Do Everyday - Drink Lots Of Water - www.Everythingabode.com-glass of water with white background

No treatment or antidote for the corona virus.Once infected conditions can be lethal.But preventive measures can be taken.

Highly advised to wear masks in public places.Highly recommended to drink water.Because dry throat is the best breeding ground for virus.

Therefore,Keep the mouth and throat moist.