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NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

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NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

Imagine, how vast the space is, there are more planets to discover. The common questions that we ask ourselves is that “are we alone?” These are the questions that leave us perplexed.

In the way to prove this query, the United States national space agency NASA found an exoplanet with the size of Earth. With the features of a planet which can host life it gives us hope as a “second Earth”. According to the reports by NASA, the possible planet called “Kepler-1649c” was discovered by going through the old observations of the Kepler telescope data. NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life .

NASA finds Earth size planet likely - support life
A comparison of Earth and Kepler-1649c
Credits: NASA/Ames Research Center/Daniel Rutter

Kepler-1649c features

  • The exoplanet is located 300 light years from Earth.
  • In contrast, the planet is 1.06 times larger than Earth.
  • Also, the temperature is same as that of Earth.
  • The planet receives 75% of light which is very likely suitable to host a life.
  • It was discovered by going through the data of old Kepler telescope by NASA.
  • The position of the planet is in a habitable zone that is neither too far or nearer to the star.
  • But the planet revolves a red dwarf star which is unlikely to support the life.

The data from this exoplanet shows the potential of the planet. According to the NASA, these reports shows the extra potential of the planet to host life than the previously discovered one.

Previously, scientists discovered another planet through Hubble space telescope. It had the potential to have water in a liquid state. Reports like these gives scientists new hope in search of life on another planet.

But the studies are not over, there are lot to discover for them also to study about the Kepler 1649c surface also the environment.

So folks, what are your thoughts regarding this? Comment and let me know!

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caution sign indicating heat danger


The hottest place on earth revealed!

Danakil Depression, located in the northeastern corner of Ethiopia, is the hottest place on earth.The temperatures ranges125 degree celsius!

Also called “Gateway to Hell”.

Lava Lake at the Erta Ale Volcano is one of the 4 living lava lakes in the world.

lava lake of erte ale
Lava lake at Erta Ale


The hottest place on Earth revealed! Located at Afar region of Ethiopia.Secondly,it records being the hottest place on Earth.Caused by the divergence of three tectonic plates in the Horn of Africa

Sulfur formation in Afar region

In addition,the geographical factors of interest to tourists are Dallol and Yellow Lake’s hydrological system.


Numerous sulfur springs, volcanoes, geysers, acid pools, colorful mineral rich lakes surround the area, forming a diversity of three tectonic plates.

Volcanic activity heats spring water, bringing sulfur and iron to the surface, meanwhile,leaving yellow, green, and orange deposits.

As a result,the deposits create a different landscape here.The temperature is perishable.Above all,tourists enjoy a lot. This place attracts foreigners to Ethiopia.


No settlements in and around here.People travel here from long distances for sightseeing.

Numerous archaeobacteria are present.It can survive in high temperature,acidic conditions.In addition they are useful for various researches.


 Erta ale

Afar is known as the “Smoking Mountains” and “Gateway to Hell”, the Erta Ale is a active basaltic shield volcano. It is the only active volcano in the world, with lava lakes. lakes around the world.

Erta Ale has two active lava lakes -therefore making it a unique place.

Erta Ale was discovered in 1906. . Also the land around Erta Ale is a huge pool of active magma.

The volcano erupted in 1873, 1903, 1940, 1960, 1967 and 2005, killing hundreds of cattle and forcing thousands to flee.

In 2007 the lava flow once again forced the evacuation and consequently two people died.