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A whole new year welcomed by the nature’s fire call!While shrubs are very common for this arid barren region, the year bears witness to one of the worst forests in Australian history.

The fire started from September and it intensified for the last week.Sometimes high temperatures, strong winds, lightning can also cause a wildfire

AUSTRALIAN WILDFIRES, As the bushes dry up,fire spreads to other areas due to the hot weather.

Nearby trees can catch fire and injure habitat animals. But sometimes high temperatures, strong winds., strong lightning can also cause fires in forest.

New south wales had been more affected.More than 1000 homes destroyed.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology a significant rise of heat will experience in the south eastern parts of Australia .The southern side will experience more heat.

The Royal Australian Navy has evacuated over 1000 people. The army is conducting rescue operations. Victoria state is declared the emergency state.

This season has the highest temperature of 40.04 Celsius and is more likely to increase. Australia had several wildfires,but this continues to increase as worse conditions follow.

Scientists had confirmed that rising temperatures and severe drought are one of the reasons for the worst situation here.