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Immortal animals found in earth


~ jellyfish ~

Organisms related to the phylum Cnidaria. They are found in deep oceans. Actually considered as immortal animal. Above all,they are mostly without brain and blood.

Almost every species is invertebrate. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Immortal animals like Territopsis dohrnii can start a new life cycle and is considered immortal.

Above all Jelly fish contain stem cells that can regenerate or renew cells.


The #planarian #flatworm doing its amazing dividing trick.

Immortal animals.In other words,they are flat worms belonging to the phylum platyhelminths. mostly carnivorous.

The experiment showed that the dissection of a flatworm from either of the two sides would produce two identical worms .

The whole body of two parts takes different ways. Pluripotent stem cells allow this.Here’s the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTC1eNTBXvE


Maine Lobster – Santa Barbara Fish Market

Immortal animals are very lucky, but eaten as seafood. They are truly immortal until fishermen catch them. related to the Phylum arthropoda.

An enzyme telomerase is present. It prevents DNA damage and helps in replication and renewal. .No built in life expectancy. Therefore,the cells are constantly renewed.


Louis Shalako: Hydra.

Considered immortal.These organisms have regenerative potential. They can breed in two ways. In other words sexually and asexually.

Hydra (plural for hydra) who die sexually and those who breed asexually remain immortal.

Also most of them reproduce by the budding which is actually asexual.


One of my favorite creatures. These cute little ones are 1 mm in size. Above all, they can survive harsh temperatures, pressures and radiation. .

In conclusion death of a star can kill Tardigrades. Actually considered immortal animals.

In addition, a protein called Dsup is present in them. It helps in surviving harsh conditions