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Oxygen found outside Milky Way galaxy!

by sciencebirdie 3 Comments

Oxygen found outside Milky Way galaxy!

Oxygen a good indicator of life required in day to day life for survival.All organisms breathe oxygen for metabolic processes.

In short for the production of energy oxygen greatly requires.

Recently,scientists discovered oxygen outside the milky way galaxy.It can lead to the fact that life exists there outside.

Oxygen was analyzed in Markarian 231 galaxy.

Using the long range light waves scientists came to the view that the galaxy contains 100 times more oxygen than the Milky Way.

It sounds interesting as the Milky Way galaxy which hosts us lack oxygen than the Markarian. Therefore a new possibility of presence of life strikes here.

Oxygen found outside Milky Way galaxy!

Maybe like us the life is evolving there.

Shockingly but sadly the distance to the new galaxy is around 581 million light years!

The credibility of the discovery goes to the astronomers at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,headed by Junzhi Wang.

In this technology the light beam transmitted to a galaxy strikes there .

IRAM telescope
Iram telescope

Every gas absorbs light differently.

This technology used still in space missions.

The readings took place at two different locations.One at the IRAM telescope in Spain.Other reading by the Northern Extended Millimeter Array telescope in French alps.

These readings can help in further readings and experiments.New areas of research regarding this can pave way.