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SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander


SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

NASA is aiming towards the lunar manned mission. The Artemis program for which the initial missions are going to be conducted. According to new reports, NASA had selected Elon Musk’s SpaceX also, Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and an Albama based firm called Dynetics.

These companies are collectively going to aim towards the biggest leap of colonizing the moon.

The Artemis program

This Artemis program by US space agency NASA aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon surface by 2024.

This will lead to the colonization of moon in future. Therefore, NASA had tied up with other companies for this mission.


NASA had done the deal for worth $967 million. For the three companies – $579 to Blue Origin, $135 to SpaceX and $253 million to Dynetics.

Moon lander designs

According to the reports the three companies have three different designs for the lander. SpaceX had designed the next generation spacecraft Starship which once landed will take the astronauts to the surface through an elevator. In contrast, Blue origin design is an Integrated Lander vehicle(ILV).

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA's manned moon lander
Prototype concept for starship

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

Lander selection

According to NASA, the time period of contract will be up to February 2021. Therefore, after the time period NASA will evaluate and select the suitable lander from the initial demonstration mission.

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CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

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CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

CSA (Chinese Space Agency) announced the name of its first Mars mission. The name Mars mission is named as Tianwen – 1.

This day also coincided with the China’s annual space day. Also, the day marked the 50th anniversary of the launch its first satellite Dongfanghong I.

With the launching of this mission it would be a great day for the Chinese. The unmanned mars mission of CSA is expected to be scheduled this year.

The mars mission name comes from the chinese word “Tianwen” which means “questions to Heaven”, a poem written be Qu Yuan a Chinese poet who lived around 338 BC.

CSA announces the first unmanned Mars mission

The CNSA(Chinese National Space administration) announced that the future missions will be named Tianwen. The country ranks third in terms of space mission.

Till now, the country had failed many attempts in Mars mission. But the country expects that this mission will be a great success. China is in a race with the United States and Russia. With missions like Mars orbiter Mission(MOM) India is also rising to the points table in race.

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