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SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander


SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

NASA is aiming towards the lunar manned mission. The Artemis program for which the initial missions are going to be conducted. According to new reports, NASA had selected Elon Musk’s SpaceX also, Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and an Albama based firm called Dynetics.

These companies are collectively going to aim towards the biggest leap of colonizing the moon.

The Artemis program

This Artemis program by US space agency NASA aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon surface by 2024.

This will lead to the colonization of moon in future. Therefore, NASA had tied up with other companies for this mission.


NASA had done the deal for worth $967 million. For the three companies – $579 to Blue Origin, $135 to SpaceX and $253 million to Dynetics.

Moon lander designs

According to the reports the three companies have three different designs for the lander. SpaceX had designed the next generation spacecraft Starship which once landed will take the astronauts to the surface through an elevator. In contrast, Blue origin design is an Integrated Lander vehicle(ILV).

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA's manned moon lander
Prototype concept for starship

SpaceX and Blue Origin -design NASA’s manned moon lander

Lander selection

According to NASA, the time period of contract will be up to February 2021. Therefore, after the time period NASA will evaluate and select the suitable lander from the initial demonstration mission.

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All this shows that the space race is going much to an extent…

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NASA – SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!

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NASA - SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!


NASA – SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!

A new mission is going to embark on the American soil. NASA and Space X the two space program organizations are collectively going to launch the first crew manned mission to the International Space station.

As per the NASA reports their astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on SpaceX crew dragon spacecraft. Which is going to lift off through the Falcon 9 rocket.

NASA - SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!
The photo of crew dragon
Source : NASA
NASA – SpaceX launching first manned crew flight!


According to NASA, on May 27th at 4:30 pm EDT, the rocket will take off with the astronauts with a speed of 17000mph.

In about 24 hours the crew dragon will successfully dock with the International Space station.

The two astronauts will be working on board with Expedition 63 the members of the space station.

The members will collectively test the crew dragon also conduct various other research in the space station.

After the conclusion of the mission the crew dragon will undock with the two astronauts and will reenter the Earth. and will land on the Atlantic coast in Florida.

They will be collected by the Space x Go Navigator vessel and will be returned to Cape Canaveral.

The duration of the mission not announced till now. According to NASA, it will be announced afterwards.

Being estimated that the crew dragon has the capability to stay in the orbit upto 110 days.

Further Missions

There are many objectives to this space mission. NASA is the national space research body in America and the SpaceX, the private space research body.

Space X founded by Elon Musk with aims to colonize Mars and to start space travel program. The mission is a test for these requirements.

NASA has a future mission called the Artemis to colonize the lunar surface on 2024. Which will send the man and the first woman on the moon.

So guys, what do you think about the future? The craze for space mission is going to change the shape of human civilization….

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NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

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NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life

Imagine, how vast the space is, there are more planets to discover. The common questions that we ask ourselves is that “are we alone?” These are the questions that leave us perplexed.

In the way to prove this query, the United States national space agency NASA found an exoplanet with the size of Earth. With the features of a planet which can host life it gives us hope as a “second Earth”. According to the reports by NASA, the possible planet called “Kepler-1649c” was discovered by going through the old observations of the Kepler telescope data. NASA finds Earth size planet likely – support life .

NASA finds Earth size planet likely - support life
A comparison of Earth and Kepler-1649c
Credits: NASA/Ames Research Center/Daniel Rutter

Kepler-1649c features

  • The exoplanet is located 300 light years from Earth.
  • In contrast, the planet is 1.06 times larger than Earth.
  • Also, the temperature is same as that of Earth.
  • The planet receives 75% of light which is very likely suitable to host a life.
  • It was discovered by going through the data of old Kepler telescope by NASA.
  • The position of the planet is in a habitable zone that is neither too far or nearer to the star.
  • But the planet revolves a red dwarf star which is unlikely to support the life.

The data from this exoplanet shows the potential of the planet. According to the NASA, these reports shows the extra potential of the planet to host life than the previously discovered one.

Previously, scientists discovered another planet through Hubble space telescope. It had the potential to have water in a liquid state. Reports like these gives scientists new hope in search of life on another planet.

But the studies are not over, there are lot to discover for them also to study about the Kepler 1649c surface also the environment.

So folks, what are your thoughts regarding this? Comment and let me know!

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NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs.


You have got a chance to prove yourself to unleash the scientist in you! You just need to design a better payload for a lunar rover with the size of a bar soap!

Yes! You heard it right! On Thursday NASA issued ideas for a miniaturized payload to send the miniaturized rovers to the lunar surface. The program called the “Honey, I Shrunk the NASA payload challenge” through a platform called HeroX.

According to the details, the challenge is to design a payload for a lunar rover with a size of a bar soap. Also, there are more challenges that awaits with testing prototyping and creation. For the first round that is the design round, a reward of total $160,000 prize money is announced. Also, note the point that it will accept all submissions till June 1st.

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs
NASA have plans for the future missions

NASA needs your help for mini moon payload designs

Advantages of small size rover

  • Small size rovers are not so complicated.
  • Small size rovers have lower probability of damage.
  • It can be built at cheaper rates.
  • Small size rovers can be used as a starter prior to a mission as a method of testing.
  • Small size rovers will cut high energy consumption.
  • As a rover is primarily used for probing, then small size rover has the capacity to do so.


These rovers will help in collecting information about the lunar surface, also it’s environment. These information will be quite useful for future lunar missions. In 2022, NASA is planning for an Artemis program.

So, what are your thoughts regarding the payload? Will you take part in the challenge? I want my readers to be the champion! So go for it!

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Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

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Get Ready For A ‘Wolf Moon Eclipse’ To Kick-Off ‘Year of the Rat’ As Earth Gets Closest To The Sun

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

Yes the information is correct.Earth has got a new moon.It had been circling around Earth for about 3 years.

With a size of a car,it had been circling round the earth!This celestial body also called commonly as minimoon,named 2020 CD3.

Researchers at the Catalina sky survey. Kacper Wierzchos and Teddy Pruyne observed this celestial body on February 15.

Above all,scientists are tweeting about it.

Earth has a new moon orbiting it!

According to Nasa.

Asteroids in space gets attracted near Earth.

Because of gravitational pull the body gets sucked near Earth.

Consequently, it started orbiting.

Therefore,this moon is Earth’s second mini moon.

The Minor planet center is the organization concerned with collecting observational datas of minor planets.It’s parent organization International Astronomical Union.

secondly, the Minor Planet centre announced that Earth has a second moon

In contrast,the last mini moon 2006 RH 120 stayed in Earth”s orbit from 2006-2007.

Using a 1.52 metre telescope at Mount Lemmon Observatory,Tuscon the scientists discovered the minimoon.