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Skywatchers from Saudi Arabia and Oman to India and Singapore were treated to a rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse Thursday. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely obscure the Sun, leaving a thin ring of the solar disc visible. While these types of eclipses occur every The post ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Wows Skywatchers Across Asia appeared first on Science Spies.

Ring Of Fire

On December 26th we experienced solar eclipse,above all other solar eclipses we had experienced a different one.


  • Started at 8:04 am and ended at 11:05 pm.
  • The full solar eclipse experienced between 9:24 pm and 11:05 pm.

What’s with the name?

The name given according to the appearance of the solar eclipse.It had a shiny like outer ring.Furthermore inner side being dark and some cloudiness visible within.The name indicates the appearance itself.


  • This solar eclipse the last eclipse of this year.
  • We are witnessing this solar eclipse after 144 years.
  • It will reappear after 559 years!